toyota corolla

Toyota Corolla

Car Features - Toyota Corolla
Gear: Automatic
Passengers: 5
Luggage: 3
Doors: 4
Engine: 1.6 L
AC: Yes
Cruise Control: Yes
Models: 2016
# Rental Rate*
(=24 hours)
AED 95
(=7 days)
AED 630
(=30 days)
AED 2399

*Above rental prices exclude [email protected]%
The above car rental rates of Toyota Corolla in Dubai are standard rates and might become cheaper on some days. For latest Dubai car rental deals on daily, weekly or annual contracts of Toyota Corolla or other similar cars, contact us online on the homepage or by WhatsApp.

Mileage / KM Limit
250 KM x No. of days rented
Example: 250 x 2 days rented = 500 KM total
Monthly Limit: 6000 KM
Extra Charges You Can Avoid!
Extra KM: charged at only AED 0.50 per KM
Salik/Toll: Charged at AED 5 per crossing
Fines: AED 20 as administrative charges for each traffic fines
Accident / Insurance Policy
a. Non-Faulty Paper from Police: No insurance excess
b. Faulty Paper from Police: Pay AED 1500 as insurance excess
c. Police Paper without Other Party: Pay AED 1500 as insurance excess
d. No Police Paper / Hit and Run: Pay full repair charges

If the damage is heavy in the case of faulty paper, the Hirer also has to pay the rental amount of the same car as a compensation for car being held in the garage for repairs. Same or similar replacement car will be provided for the Hirer in accident/damage cases.

Security Deposit
AED 1500
refunded after 21 working days from the date of car return
Fuel Policy
Same to same level
Documents Required
UAE Residents:
  • UAE Driving License
  • Emirates ID
  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy
Tourist/Visit Visa:
  • GCC/International Driving License
  • Passport
  • Visa copy/entry stamp page
Driver's Age
25 years and above
VAT (Value Added Tax) in UAE
Car rental amount and all our charges except government charges like Salik and Fines are subject to VAT at 5%
How Days Are Calculated
24 hours from check-out time = 1 Day
2 hours grace time to return car and thereafter another full day charged
Checking-in only during office time (9am to 7pm).

When you rent Toyota Corolla in Dubai, you get a plenty of in-car technology to assist you during every journey and keep you and your co-passengers entertained. If you want an affordable rent a car in Dubai with cruise control system, Toyota Corolla is the right choice. The SE+ variant of Toyota Corolla we provide comes with cruise control, rear-parking sensors, stylish alloy wheels for sporty look, a four-speaker audio system with USB and AUX ports, Bluetooth connectivity and great air conditioning to maintain the preferred temperature of your choice.

Music playback in the Toyota Corolla can be controlled safely through buttons mounted to the steering wheel. Also it comes with more features such as power windows and a multi-information display. Toyota Corolla features a radio and CD player feeding 4 or 6 speakers giving you a superb sound in every seat. The high-efficiency air conditioning system of Toyota Corolla combines powerful cooling performance with low energy consumption thereby contributing to excellent fuel efficiency.

Toyota Corolla comes with MULTI DRIVE 7S automatic transmission. Integrated control of the advanced stepless transmission and engine delivers smooth, powerful driving and excellent fuel efficiency. The compact, lightweight engine of Toyota Corolla harnesses advanced technologies to deliver exhilarating performance and outstanding fuel economy. Optimizing various suspension components, together with the sure braking performance, helps realize excellent stability, control and ride comfort when you drive Toyota Corolla.

To help reduce the impact to occupants in a collision, Toyota Corolla is equipped with SRS driver airbag and SRS front passenger airbag. It is also comprised of a high integrity cabin with front and rear crumple zones that help absorb impact energy in a collision. Toyota Corolla also incorporates a compatibility concept that pursued the coexistence of vehicles of different weight and height in a collision. Rent Toyota Corolla in Dubai and enjoy an unforgettable pleasant experience!

Toyota Corolla 2016 Technical Features

  • Output (hp/rpm) 121 / 6000 rpm
  • Torque (kg-m/rpm): 15.7 kg-m / 5200 rpm
  • Transmission: MULTI DRIVE 7S
  • Tyres Size: 195/65R15 205/55R 16
  • Dimensions (mm): L 4620 x W 1775 x H 1460
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 55L
  • Gross Weight (kg): 1640
  • Number of Doors: 4
  • Seating Capacity: 5